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Each dental implant we utilize originates from the prestigious Swiss lineage, exuding unparalleled precision and finesse. Elevating our commitment to excellence, they are accompanied by a lifetime warranty, a testament to enduring quality and your utmost satisfaction.



Immediate Implants


Bone Grafting and Augmentation


Basal and Zygomatic Implants


Full Mouth


Sinus Lift and Grafting

A Note
From Our Founder


Chew Happy, Chew Better

Welcome to Sidalus, where smiles and confidence converge. Sidalus was born from a vision to restore confidence by providing the gold standard treatment in tooth replacement. Our dental implant services extend beyond aesthetics, aiming to preserve jaw bone volume and strength. We believe in enriching lives by ensuring our patients never compromise on the quality of life. At Sidalus, every smile is a testament to our commitment to excellence, and our passion for transformative dentistry is reflected in our unwavering dedication to bringing back the joy of confident smiles to as many lives as we can reach.
Observing the common challenges faced with traditional tooth replacement methods like dentures and bridges – from embarrassing slipping to inconvenient food lodgment – we recognized the need for a superior solution.
At our consultancy, we've dedicated ourselves to offering only the best in dental implant treatments. We aim to provide you with cutting-edge solutions that eliminate the drawbacks of conventional methods. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

As the founder, I assure you that our team is committed to staying at the forefront of dental advancements, ensuring that you receive the most effective and reliable treatments available. Let us partner in your journey to regain not only your smile but also your confidence.

- Dr. Siddhant Sachdeva

Member, ICOI



Seamless smiles, wherever you are. Our global perspective ensures top-notch dental care tailored to your unique needs. From continent to continent, trust us for a world-class smile transformation.


Revolutionize your smile with our innovative approach to dentistry. Say goodbye to traditional dentures and bridges—welcome precision implants. We lead the way in advanced tooth replacement, ensuring lasting smiles.


At the heart of our practice is a patient-centric approach. From personalized treatment plans to crafting confident smiles, we prioritize your needs and desires, ensuring your journey is uniquely yours.

Dental Implant

A Promise That Lasts a Lifetime


At Sidalus, we are masters of our craft, specializing in dental implants. We proudly offer a remarkable lifetime warranty on our dental implant treatments. As experts in our field, we stand by the quality and longevity of our work, providing you with unparalleled postoperative support. This warranty reflects our unwavering commitment to your journey towards a new, confident smile. Trust Sidalus for lasting excellence, where your satisfaction and the durability of your smile are our top priorities. Embrace the future with confidence, knowing we are here with you every step of the way.

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